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Location Freedom

Do you want to travel more but think it might be too expensive? Follow us as we travel the world and share how inexpensive it can be.

Escape into stories about cultures and places from around the world. Learn how we gained this freedom.


Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom opens the door to more choices in life.  Reaching financial freedom allowed us to leave our corporate jobs and travel the world.

We share tips from our journey towards financial freedom and how we remain free.

Trin and Bonnie in the sunset

Mindful Freedom

Letting go of what holds us back

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Saint John the Theologian on a rainy day

Lake Ohrid: Bridging Nations with Waters of Timeless Beauty

Nestled within the snow-capped Galichica Mountain Range, Lake Ohrid contains crystal clear waters with visibility extending down to 22 meters (66 feet). This lake, enriched ...
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Street of stone in Pompeii

Echoes of Pompeii: A Tale Under the Shadow of Vesuvius

The aroma of fresh bread filled the air as Gaius pulled new loaves from the oven. Although he was a slave, he ran this small ...
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Our lodging on the moor

A Night on the Moor: Favorite Lodging in Ireland

We watched the sunset behind the almost perfect cone of Mt. Errigal. Heather grows in strands from the bottom of the mountain, reaching towards the ...
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We hope to inspire you to live a free and fulfilled life

No one likes to be told what to do and you will never hear us say, “Follow these five steps to be a millionaire” or any such goal. Instead, we tell stories of what we experience to inspire you, stories of what we did, and the mindset behind our decisions. We hope these influence you to choose freedom too on your own personal journey.

43 the age we the age we retired

Blue Doors choosing frugality taking opportunities to live free

Really, the name 43BlueDoors started because we used to drive a beige car with a blue door. We parked it next to the Tesla at our corporate job. It became our icon and the reason that we gave to those who asked how we retired at the age of 43.

Live simply.

We cherish our freedom and want to share a bit of that with others.
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All net proceeds from this site go to the support of girls rescued from human trafficking.

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