Renovations And Goodbyes

A month of renovations and goodbyes are almost behind us now.  Weekdays and weekends meld into one long weekend as we awake to work on the renovation of an investment property that we will rent out before leaving the area.  We are camped out on an air mattress in the living room.  We wake in the morning, cook a good breakfast and then work until we go to bed at night.  It’s almost like having another job. This time, however, we are on our own time.  We can stop for a meal whenever we want/need. We can stay hydrated. The best part for me is I can make a checklist in the morning and actually accomplish it that day – no daily derailing fire drills that sidetrack all from the strategic. I do not miss my corporate job!

New kitchen counter Renovations Goodbyes
The old laminate just had to go. Thankfully we found a really good deal on craigslist for a Corian counter-top.  It transformed the kitchen into something I would enjoy using. We want the occupants whoever they might be to feel at home. πŸ™‚
Weed infested lawn
The weed infested lawn had to go
New Yard layout
The extra Corian island from Craigslist helped transform the yard πŸ™‚

We are also still selling stuff on craigslist. At this point, all of the items for sale are in the Subaru.  People come and we deal out the back of my car – feels so shady πŸ™‚

Yes, this month we also sold the Honda Civic, our beige car with a blue door.  I will miss that good little car. The new owner will be taking it to college with her. I had to explain to her what a tape deck was!

Our time is peppered with various get-togethers to say goodbye to groups of friends.  It is great to see everyone “one last time” before we take off to see more of the world with our backpacks.

We got together with some of our friends whom we have known as far back as when we were still living in Pennsylvania.  A few of them had moved down to Raleigh at around the same time that we did.  One of the guys is from a large family and it fascinates me when he speaks of his family.  It seems like such a healthy loving family, something that is becoming rare to find these days.

We dined, we talked, we laughed, we played games.  Then they surprised us with a cake.

Best friends saying goodbye

Find your blue door

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  1. Barbara and Ross Stout

    Wanted to wish you the best as you start your Journey. May God bless your steps ahead, keep you in safe in his arms, and quide you as you spread his love and grace wherever you go. Take Care, Barb and Ross

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