Ducks on a pond

Murder at the Finca

WARNING!  This post contains graphic content.

I was sitting there quietly working on my book in the afternoon in my favorite spot when Vidal, the stableman, appeared on the sidewalk, Trin walking behind him.

“There’s been a murder,” Trin said in such a dramatic tone that I almost expected to hear the Law and Order signature double orchestral stab.

serious men
Vidal and Trin bringing tragic news

I looked at him, waiting for more information.  Then I looked over at Vidal.  He was holding something by his side, a mass of white feathers – it was one of the white ducks that wander around the property here and provide us a steady stream of eggs.  Except that now it hung lifeless by Vidal’s side.

“The dog got him, what do we do?” inquired Trin.

“Lo comemos?” I gestured. “How long ago did it die?” I asked.

Trin asked the questions in Spanish to Vidal who replied that it just happened.


We felt the body and it was still warm. We took it to the end of the horse stables and I cut off the head hoping some of the blood would still flow out, but knowing that we might not get much as the heart had stopped.

Trying to butchar the duck
The pure white duck had been killed and dragged through the mud by the dog.

Trin ran into the kitchen to get some water boiling while I started plucking the bird.

As soon as the water boiled Trin dipped the bird for 30 seconds then brought him back out.  The feathers came out much easier after being dipped.

the duck before his murder
Remembering better days

After plucking the bird clean, I deduced that the cause of death was a penetrating thoracic injury, evidenced by deep puncture wounds, consistent with canine dental patterns, in the chest area.

I took it over to the outdoor sink and pulled out all the guts.  Here is a video of the poor bird being gutted.  Do not click if you are squeamish, but we thought part of it was a bit comical.

The murder scean with an unrepentant assailant
The murder scene.  There seems to be little remorse from the assailant.


The perp was shackled to a post when Trin interrogated him. The subject showed no remorse. Paw prints on the pavement in the vicinity of the crime scene showed where the perp waited for the opportunity to ambush the vic.  There was no doubt that this was premeditated.

With the duck fully plucked and dressed, we put him in the refrigerator awaiting Roger’s return to tell him of the murder on his Finca (farm).

baby chickens
We will try to keep these new little chickens safe.

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