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Support Freedom for Young Girls

Note: Ads on this site provide a small commission to 43BlueDoors. All proceeds are donated to supporting young girls rescued from human trafficking.

We write to bring the beauty of the world to your doorstep. We invite you on this journey with us without you ever leaving your home (though we encourage you to go out there). Our hope is that the beauty of the world enhances your wonder of this great planet. It is also our desire to share brief glimpses into other cultures that may broaden the way you think. Maybe it will open up conversations and thought lines you may not have considered before. Travel has certainly done that to us.  It’s all about hope, change, and ultimately freedom.

At the end of 2017, we were moved by the stories of girls whom we met in Quito, Ecuador who had been rescued from human trafficking. Boris, the leader and visionary of this project, has quite a story himself. He was living on the streets by the age of 11 and even had a close encounter with guerrillas in Colombia. This is what motivated us to monetize the blog and donate the proceeds to this cause.

Why monetize the blog?

The Dunamis Foundation is an organization that provides a safe place to live and a learning environment for rescued girls. Blogging is hard work but we do it because we love it. If any of that work can bring in a couple extra bucks to help someone else then why not include an advertisement or two?  100% of our net proceeds from this blog will be donated to helping girls rescued from slavery, often from sex trade.  We are blessed to have the freedom to travel.  Our hope is to give some freedom to these girls as well.

What does this mean for you?

You will see some affiliate links on our site. You can ignore them if you wish, or you can use them to fight sex and labor trafficking just by shopping on Amazon without spending any extra money!

If you use our Amazon affiliate link below, 43BlueDoors will receive a small commission on anything you purchase.  There will be no additional cost to you!  Then 100% of the net proceeds will go to the Dunamis Foundation.

Once you click on any Amazon link in our site and then purchase something (anything) in that session within 24 hours (even if it is not the product that we featured), we will receive a small commission. In other words, if you bookmark this link we most likely will not get a commission from your purchase a few days later.

Shop on Amazon through this link! You can help give freedom to young girls while shopping!


By clicking on the link above and shopping from the page that opens anything your purchase (minus a few excluded items) will help support these young girls. You do not have to purchase the initial product shown. You will not be charged anything extra.

The percentage that we receive from each of your purchases is sourced from Amazon’s profits. It does not increase the amount you pay or decrease the amount that the seller of the product receives. That’s pretty cool.

Cover photo:  The new safe house at the Dunamis Foundation for girls rescued from human trafficking.

Note: Ads on this site provide a small commission to 43BlueDoors. All proceeds are donated to supporting young girls rescued from human trafficking.

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