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An Interview with Albatros Expeditions

I was so impressed with the expedition team from Albatros Expeditions on my trip to the Falklands, South Georgia, and Antarctica. They are a diverse group with amazing backgrounds. I mean David Reid, one of the guides on my trip, is currently doing a 40-day unsupported expedition through the Arctic!

So I was very excited to be asked to do an interview with Albatros Expeditions. They wanted insights from a first-time Antarctica visitor and were also curious about our nomadic lifestyle. You can read it by clicking the picture below.

Note: The Albatros Expeditions is a Danish company and in that language, Albatross only has one s.

Cover for the Interview with Albatros Expeditions
Click the picture to read our interview with Albatros Expeditions

What We Are Doing Now

We spent this past week saying goodbye to our family and home in Phoenix and driving to Raleigh, North Carolina.

We will be in the Raleigh area for a month doing a house-sit for some wonderful friends while they are away visiting their own family. This has been home before. They offered us a spare room when we accidentally became homeless a few years ago. It was a mishap in timing on selling and buying homes in this area before we left to travel full-time. I’m forever grateful for their generosity.

Some of the items that we previously owned are displayed in their house. When we were selling everything to free us up to travel some things were more difficult to part with. We gave many of our most sentimental and/or favorite items to family and friends. I love seeing them being used now by people we love. It’s a great feeling.

The Most Valuable Things

We have been blessed with wonderful people in our lives. I’ve been anticipating these few months back in the states to catch up with the people we love. Finding a blue door of opportunity is nothing without them.

Tell someone you love this week how much they mean to you.

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