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Pandemic Reaction Around the World

Around the world, we are all experiencing this pandemic in different ways. Everyone has different circumstances that they are going through. We hear so much fear in the media but how are individuals doing?

The video below is an idea I had to gather reactions from real people around the globe. 

Some individuals are being very productive while others are taking the time to get some much-needed rest. Catching up on sleep and other activities that focus on health is also a great thing to do right now. 

What you accomplish during this pandemic does not define your future, but how you respond, and how gracious you are to others, might.  

My goal in this episode is to help us all be a little bit more understanding and enjoy the wide beautiful variety of people all around us.

Some of these clips were very moving, others made me laugh. It was so great to see and hear from my friends.  I hope you enjoy and find camaraderie from around the world. 

From homes around the world:

01:15 New York City, USA – Sly Willis, former co-worker

04:52 New Delhi, India – Abhinav and Anukriti, former co-workers 

06:45 Managua, Nicaragua – Tania Rodriguez, a friend with whom we celebrated New Year Nica-style to bring in 2017.

07:50 Medellin, Colombia – John and Susan Pazera, owners of the Latitude Adjustment Blog

10:13 Western Australia – Sandra Richardson, our current neighbor and generous host.

11:45 France – Lucie Moreau, friend, and fellow hiker on the Quilotoa loop in Ecuador

13:02 Spain – Dominic and Marie Durose, friends with whom we explored Torotoro, Bolivia  

15:19 North Carolina, USANancy M Ouellette, former co-worker

17:31 Sydney, Australia – Shaun, author of Project Palm Tree

19:00 North Carolina, USA – Jason Ora Wunsch, owner of  Today in the Quay

19:49 North Carolina, USA – Paul E Drecksler, creator of Travel is Life

23:09 Iquique, Chile – Stephanie, Isabel, and Ian Garcia, missionaries in Chile

26:37 Arizona, USA – Christine Fox and family, fellow outreach volunteer in Guatemala

There is always a door of opportunity to be understanding.

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9 thoughts on “Pandemic Reaction Around the World”

  1. What an interesting post. So easy to get caught up in our own individual lives that we don’t think about people all over the world who are experiencing the same thing as we are and maybe not in as good of conditions as what we have. Trin is a hoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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