Nicaragua corn island

Nicaragua is a wonderful cultural experience, especially in December. In Leon, one can experience La Griteria, a celebration of Mary’s immaculate conception, marvel at the humongous dancing dolls called Gigantonas, or join the locals in ringing in the New Year by burning a life-sized mannequin filled with fireworks. It also has beautiful islands, volcanos, and canyons.

You can live on $22 a day (for a couple) and see the country of Read more
Leon Street Art
Here's a list of my favorite things in Leon, Nicaragua.  We spent the entire month Read more


Corn Island Nicaragua
October 4th, 2017 marks one year on the road for us! Before leaving the USA we researched and read many blogs
Uvita Costa Rica
I heard a scratching sound, close by.  I reached for my phone under my pillow.  It was 1AM.  The scratching continued


Street art in San Juan del Sur
Heat radiated from the makeshift grill standing crookedly beside the sidewalk. The early afternoon was already hot. On the grill
Cathedral of Leon Nicaragua
The streets are lined with chicken buses. It seems that all of Nicaragua has converged in Leon tonight.  Vendors are on every corner
Leon Street
Are the looks from strangers different this morning? Is there another meaning behind the stares from locals as I stumble
Trin with Leon Viejos
When you see them running toward you, turn around and run.   Our New Year's Eve began with a dinner
Volcan Telica at dusk
I turned over on the grass to lay on my back. The moon had disappeared beyond the horizon. The winds
Clothes line
Strong gusts of wind are swirling through Leon, Nicaragua today. Mangoes blown out from the trees hit the metal roof with a
Stone carvings
Some say he is crazy, others say he is wise.  He is a hermit known as the "rock man" and
Chicken bus
The bodies were so close pressing in on every side when I felt his hand searching for my pocket and
Building homes in Nica
I am learning more every day that we need a whole lot less than we think we need. I’m also
Sitting in a palm tree on the beach of Big Corn Island
"You will get sick," they said. "Last year, one of the little boats capsized and a lot of people died,"
Corn Islands beach
The island provides a backdrop for people's lives to intertwine and create moments that, though ephemeral, enriches our lives with
Volcano on Ometepe
The bike slid and I saw it all happen in slow motion. Our bodies approached the dusty rocky road surface and I
Starving horse
The look of hope in her eyes broke my heart. Just a moment ago she lay there sleeping in the
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