Most of our travel in the South American countries have been through the bus system and local transportation. With Brazil being the fifth largest country (it’s almost the same size as the USA), we did things a bit differently. We hopped around on local flights to see some of the highlights. The cost of the flights is almost the same as the cost of the bus tickets, plus flying is safer than taking a bus in Brazil.

Chapada Diamantina top five places to visit in Brazil
We were warned about the danger and the chances that we would be robbed, stabbed, or shot. Before we crossed

What We Found in Brazil:

Unparalleled Beauty

Trin swimming in the crystal clear water of a cave in Brazil
The darkness closed around us like a layer of black oil, not even a little glow from a random piece
Lençóis Maranhenses National Park the Most beautiful place in the world
Have you ever gazed at something so beautiful that it drove you to tears? I think we may have just
Iguazu Falls as seen from the Brazil side, Iguazu falls Argentina
We stood there in silence clutching the railing.  Finally, the breath I was holding escaped in a low uttered, "Wow."

An Amazing Jungle

Rainbow in the Amazon Jungle
Pink Dolphins may sound like a mythical creature but they indeed exist in freshwater rivers. Spotting pink dolphins was on
Pipe like fungus growing on a log in Amazon Brazil
Amazon Brazil - I wake to a sound just on the other side of the screen next to me. The
Patrick in the leaky canoe, Amazon tours
He slowly unrolled the snakeskin and kept going as he walked past me still unrolling the scaly leather.  It was

Beautiful Coastlines and Interesting Cities

Street art in Belem on the side of two buildings for travel safety tips
Manaus on the Rio Negro I stepped around a dog sleeping in the shade and then weaved my way through
Rio de Janiero from Sugar Loaf
Rio De Janeiro is such a beautiful city and the people are so friendly that it is easy to forget
The Vidigal Favela
The pit bull that guards this house was once owned by a local drug lord, so they all know him

Brazil is the first country that we planned out an entire country instead of just arriving in a location and deciding how long to stay. The reason for all the pre-planning, and more importantly the pre-booking, is to get the cheapest flights – the earlier you book, the better the chances of getting lower prices. Google Flights is heaven-sent. You can enter the originating city and then enter a country or even a continent as the destination.

Since we already had our flights booked, we also booked many of our accommodations around the flight dates. The advance bookings gave us more lodging options.

Safety is a concern in Brazil and we took all the necessary precautions. Although we came out unscathed, we felt something akin to relief when we finally made it out of the country, crossing through the Iguazu border, the same one that we used to enter this beautiful country 73 days ago. We would definitely come back to Brazil. Maybe not in a heartbeat, because the safety issue gives us pause, but something about the friendliness of Brazilians is infectious and draws you back.

Brazil is HOT, so don’t forget sunscreen. We always recommend a zinc-based sunscreen. It lasts longer and doesn’t contain all the chemicals that you don’t need. SPF 30 is optimal. It provides 97% protection.  Anything above that will only provide up to 1% more protection.

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