The legendary big lap is a route that circles the continent of Australia following highway 1. Since 85% of the Australian population live within 50km of the ocean this lap also leads through every major city except Alice Springs in the center of the continent.


From 2019 to 2021 we lived in a Toyota Coaster motorhome that we lovingly called Lil’ Beaut. We put over 40,000 kilometers on that bus as we explored the Big Lap with a little detour down to the center. It was definitely the trip of a lifetime.


Check out how much it cost and our favorite places below.

Trin standing on 80 mile beach at sunset

Time to Bugger off?

Everyone experiences things beyond their control that impact their lives. As nomads, this has caused various quick changes in our plans. One time, we stood on the street in a tiny town in Costa Rica with no lodging as night was falling. Our Airbnb could not be found and the owner was not responding to

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Dense foliage of the Daintree, Australia

The Daintree Rainforest

The Daintree rainforest is said to have been the inspiration for the movie Avatar. Walking among its ancient trees that reach high into the sky and navigating in the dense undergrowth, I can see why it could be the inspiration for many mysterious and wonderful things. Not only is it visually pleasing it sounds like

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