Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, we explored Tortuguero, a town with no cars, slide down into a volcano walked beaches and watched sloths climb trees. It’s a jungle out there!


Cost Rica has much to offer and beautiful places to see.  Even though it is more expensive than Nicaragua, we were still able to average a spend of only $32 a day for both of us combined.   This includes all of our living expenses except health insurance.   The map below shows the places that we

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Statue in San José Costa Rica

The Forgotten People

THE RED ZONE As we turned the corner into San Jose’s red zone, a woman with her eyes to the sky staggered toward us.  She wore years of hardship on her face and a hopelessness to her gait.  I’m sure the three older women that we were with could protect us.  At least they wanted to. 

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Ocean water from Uvita

Refugio Solté: In the Jungle

Read about our first week in the refugio here. The Spanish word Solté means let go.  In this refuge, you can let go of everything, including the sense of fashion as Trin did.  He has his shorts and shirt on inside out.  He is spray-painting the dining room chairs black with an air compressor. He’s been

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Cartago Costa Rica

Cartago and a Legend

Legend tells a tale of two brothers and the woman they loved in Cartago.  She chose and married one.  In anger, the thwarted brother killed his sibling.  In remorse for his sin, he built a cathedral for Cartago. A year later it was destroyed by an earthquake.  Numerous attempts have been made to rebuild, but

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