We have just started traveling the countries in the European region. We move slowly but enjoy getting to know each country. Below we share more about the places we love along the way.

A dome building at CERN lit up against a dark blue morning sky

When Particles Collide: Visiting CERN

There is a 27-kilometer (17-mile) tunnel 175 meters (574 feet) underground on the border of France and Switzerland at the CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) research facility. Inside this tube is the world’s largest high-energy particle collider the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Physicists shoot protons through this tube at the highest possible speeds, near

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Stores in a cave and a street under a rock

Exploring White Towns of Andalusia

The jagged limestone mountains of Andalucia hold a number of surprises for those new to the area. Narrow winding roads snake through the valleys and squeeze through villages on the steep hillsides. Towns and villages painted white appear sometimes perched on the peak of a mountain, other times they are nestled in a valley. Some

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Trin on a rock gazing at the blue waters of a bay in Mallorca

Shades of Mallorca

Mallorca, Spain is an island in the Mediterranean Sea known for its pristine beaches, limestone cliffs, mountain villages, and stunning caves. It was the colors of the secluded coves that first drew me in, but there is much more to see. Shades of Blue The most striking views in Mallorca (also spelled Majorca in Anglicized

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Trin taking pictures of the jagged mountain tops at the Old Man of Storr

Spectacular Scotland

Fault lines, volcanoes, and glaciers all had a part in forming the stunning and varied landscape of Scotland. From moorlands and bogs to rolling hills and mountain peaks, it could take months to explore all that Scotland has to offer. History Written on the Mountains Solidified lava spewed from a massive, earth-changing volcanic explosion created

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