Albania emanates the fragrance of Jasmin and the sight of roses. Crystal clear streams and rivers flow through rugged landscapes. The hiking, most of all, made us fall in love with this country.

Mountains of Albania with the blue unspoiled river of Vjosa.

Hiking Southern Albania

Hiking in Albania doesn’t require rental cars or expensive taxis to access great trails and there are lots of options. Every town we visited had a beautiful backdrop of mountains that provided trail heads within walking distance. We won’t claim to know where the best hiking in Albania is because we haven’t traversed every trail, […]

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Stairs on the side of the transformed Pyramid of Tiran. Yellow office spaces sit off-kilter beside the pyramid and high rises sit in the background.

Tirana Overcomes Tyranny

The fragrance of jasmine fills the streets, and flowerbeds overflow with roses of every color. Artists have converged to create buildings that are far more than just functional, turning Tirana, Albania into a photogenic city with their architectural designs. The rugged mountains in the backdrop add the finishing touch to Tirana’s beauty. Very few cities

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Saint John the Theologian on a rainy day

Lake Ohrid: Bridging Nations with Waters of Timeless Beauty

Nestled within the snow-capped Galichica Mountain Range, Lake Ohrid contains crystal clear waters with visibility extending down to 22 meters (66 feet). This lake, enriched with a biodiversity that boasts an estimated 45 million acre-feet of water, is the equivalent of 379,884 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Lake Ohrid spans across North Macedonia and Albania. Approximately 64%

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