Financial Freedom

To us, financial freedom is getting to the point of having our money work for us instead of us working for our money. It is the catalyst for our lifestyle of freedom and world travel.


There is a growing FIRE movement. It stands for Financial Independence Retire Early.  Some famous naysayers like Orman have denounced the movement without knowing much about it, but they miss the point. The point is freedom to serve a purpose in life and not be stuck in a job that’s going south.


We didn’t plan to retire early, but when our jobs became toxic we chose to do something else. That something else was to embark on a lifestyle of full-time travel. It gave me the freedom to fulfill my passion for writing without needing to generate income from it. This would not have been possible if we did not already have the mindset and practice of financial independence.


The articles below detail some of the practices and mindsets we have in our lives.


This mindset has ultimately led to our freedom.


My first article about financial independence gave away a few secrets, like the fact that I have never written a budget. There is something more important to financial freedom than a budget.


Next, I began to write about the mindset of financial freedom. For me personally, there are three key mindsets to financial freedom.


I believe it is possible to reinvent your life. When seeking a change to the direction of our lives I have found that there are five actions that can help us prepare for change and even pave the way for change.


Financial stability does reduce stress during a time of crisis and with a bit of financial independence, trouble does not have to be a disaster.

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