Frugal Travel Tips

After years of full-time traveling, I’ve learned many ways to keep costs down. Among them are packing light, using free apps, and choosing cost effective accommodation. These choices can make a big difference in how much a trip costs.

We travel slow which helps keep our total expense low. This along with a few other key tips below aid in keeping our cost much lower than we expected.

Knowing what to pack and not pack to keep luggage light saves check in costs and makes travel easier. In South America we also had the peace of mind of always being able to keep an eye on our luggage because it was small enough to board the bus with us.

Trin on typewriter for travel apps

Our Top FREE Travel Apps

In our almost seven years of full-time travel, we have accumulated a bunch of travel apps that we use for trip planning, learning, keeping in touch with people, and generally making our travel easier. It’s like a team that you can call upon when needed. Think of it as a group of minions except that […]

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Box Canyon in Utah

Living Frugally as a Vagabond

I thought about naming this article “How to save money by putting a water bottle in your underwear” but then thought better.  It’s a good tip though, and I will share that with you shortly (pun intended). We live as a vagabond, literally a person with no permanent home.  That doesn’t mean destitute or without money. 

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Bonnie and Trin with backpacks

How To Pack For Two Years

A little over one year ago we decided to sell everything we owned except what would fit in our two backpacks and take off to travel the world, as light as possible.  Over the next eight months that followed we quit our jobs, sold our stuff including cars, a motorcycle, our home and just about

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