South America

South America a land of Ancient ruins, salt flats seen from space, deserts that never experience rain, the third largest ice cap in the world and more!

A white street dog in Peru with blue eyes

Oh, For the Love of Dogs

It was just the dog and me. We were alone at night. I heard a noise downstairs, he heard it too. We looked at each other quietly. If a dog could talk we probably would have said What was that? in unison. “Go downstairs and check it out,” I whispered to Bo. I called him

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Albatross photo by Massimo Bassano of Albatross Expeditions

The Falkland Islands

Feature image photo credits to Massimo Bassano of Albatross Expeditions I used to watch StarTrek when I was a kid and would dream of exploring space beyond our galaxy. Of course, I knew it would never happen, not in my lifetime, but I thought it would be amazing. I had similar thoughts when watching documentaries

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Torres del Paine in the Patagonia Region

Exploring the Patagonia Region

After our first taste of Patagonia in Bariloche, we were ready to see more of the snow-capped mountains and pristine lakes that are the main features of the area. For our next leg of our Patagonia exploration, we flew to Coyhaique. This meant that we would skip the Queulat’s hanging glacier near Puyuhuapi. We were fine

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The towers of the Torres del Paine W Trek

Torres del Paine W Trek

Jagged mountain peaks line the sky, glaciers cling to the rugged landscape, and streams cascade into turquoise lakes. The lakes, at times, are calm and reflect the sky like the surface of a mirror. At other times breaking waves speak of her changing moods. This is Torres del Paine National Park. A place of extreme

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Fitz Roy; El Chalten

Day Hikes in El Chalten

My first view of El Chalten was from the window of the overnight bus that we took after crossing the border from Chile. With the early morning sun already shining brightly in the distant horizon, we walked along promenade-like Güemes street. El Chalten is considered the hiking capital of Argentina. Among the art installations along

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Perito Moreno Glacier

This Glacier is Advancing

The Los Glaciares National Park is home to incredible glaciers such as Perito Moreno, Upsala, Viedma, and the Spegazzini. The Perito Moreno Glacier extends from the Patagonian Icefields which is the third largest in the world (the largest being Antarctica followed by Greenland). When snow accumulates at the top of mountains and survives a summer

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The Marble Caves Chile

The Marble Caves of Chile

Imagine being in a cave with marble walls. Colorful veins in the stone make intricate patterns all around you. You reach out and run your hand across the surface and feel the cold from the stone sapping the warmth from your hand. The marble has a million miniscule ridges carved out by wind and water

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