Quito Street, life on the street

Life on the Streets in Ecuador

Seventeen Years Ago The cold night air seemed to reach to the bone and the boy’s entire body shivers. He shifts the cardboard underneath him. It does little to keep the night chill from encompassing him in a city at 8,000 feet above sea level. He watches as his breath, a frozen white mist, dissipates before

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Countryside picture taken from the bus. Cow in a green hilly field Ecuador

Five Things to Do in ECUADOR

Ecuador has much to offer.  We used up almost our entire three-month visa before moving on to Peru.  Still, it seems that we only touched the surface of what this beautiful country has to offer.  Granted, we did spend much of our time in Quito at the Dunamis Foundation, but we still have a few

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Quilotoa Crater

Quilotoa Loop: Scrambling on the Edge

The Quilotoa Loop is a remote trail linking several high Andean villages and towns in the Cotopaxi province. The ancient trails meander through the Andes Mountains of Ecuador with views of snow-capped volcanoes. The isolation of the trails brings wanderers into contact with Kichwa-speaking indigenous and their centuries-old way of life.  It also allows them

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Galapagos Iguanas and Sharks

Day-Tripping in Galapagos

On the eighth and final day of our Floreana cruise, we looped around the island called Daphne Major, twice.  What a treat.  Not really.  It’s a tiny island named after a British naval vessel, that is inhabited by many species of birds including the Darwin Finch, Frigatebirds, and Nazca Boobies.  This was a filler activity,

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