South America

South America a land of Ancient ruins, salt flats seen from space, deserts that never experience rain, the third largest ice cap in the world and more!

Arvi Park

On Noise and Peace, Arvi Park

We wanted to get an early start today, to get a full day at Arvi park.  I was up by 6 AM enjoying the tail-end of the overnight window of peace and quiet, making my coffee, preparing today’s packed lunch, aware of the ephemeral nature of this reprieve. The loudspeakers from the street below started

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Guatape, Colombia

Tiny cobblestone streets wind through colorful shops and homes adorned with Zocalos, painted murals depicting traditional scenes.  The narrow streets barely wide enough for a car are mostly used by motorcycles or tuk-tuks. (Click any image above to enlarge) THE TOWN OF GUATAPE Guatape is a tourist destination for many Colombians and other South Americans along with

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Overlooking the town of Jardin

The Undiscovered Jardin?

Jardín, Colombia only recently started to appear on guidebooks like Lonely Planet.  In the past, only a few travelers have blogged about it. They call it an undiscovered beautiful little town where travelers will most likely see very few gringos.  It promised to be an authentic experience, just a couple of hours from Medellin. JARDIN TOWN CENTER

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Museum of Memory

Violence and Resistance: Medellin

“In 1991 Medellin was the murder capital of the world, with a homicide rate of 381 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.”  -IBD MEMORY HOUSE MUSEUM We spent almost the entire day today at the Museo Casa de la Memoria (Memory House Museum) in Medellin.  I entered the unadorned, almost utilitarian building, as a curious tourist and

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