United States of America

The United States is our home. Which state is home?  We are not really sure. Bonnie has lived in thirteen different places across five states. Trinity immigrated when he was twenty-seven.

For us, the USA is a land of opportunity. It is where we both started with nothing yet through hard work and sacrifice we were able to overcome poverty. It is a place that gave us opportunities that lead us to our current nomadic freedom. It is not a perfect place, no country is, but it is filled with friends that I love and beautiful places. I am grateful for all it has given.

Little Redfish Lake with mountains in the background, Idaho

Ten Reasons to Visit Idaho

Over half of Idaho is public land. Its name means “the land of many waters.” From Lake Coeur d’Alene to The Great Rift stunning landscapes are a feast for the eyes. Rocky mountains and sprawling lakes with water clarity made us want to jump in and experience the pure liquid although its freezing temperature kept

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The rocky cliffs of the California Coast

Pacific Coast Van-Life

The Pacific coast of the United States is a full sensory journey. It includes rugged coastlines, ancient trees, and craters that defied our understanding of blue. After leaving Quartzite, a mecca in Nomadland, we stopped in northern LA to visit with Trin’s family. From North LA we drove up the Pacific coast to Seattle in

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Uly and Xandra looking up through the slot canyon

Hidden Slot Canyons of Utah

The washboard road seemed to rattle our every bone. Trin and I could see the glances from our three friends that we convinced to go with us. The glances said, “Where are you taking us?” A plate flew out of the cupboard and shattered on the floor. The cupboards had good clasps but the road

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South Sister Beckons, Oregon

Moraine Lake glistened before us.  It was as far as we had planned to hike that day, a moderate 6.8 mile loop with a 2000 feet elevation gain.  Beyond the smooth surface of the lake, Charity beckoned.  She is the youngest and tallest of the three volcanic peaks collectively known as the Three Sisters.  She sang a song of beauty that had our feet pushing further up the path as if the pied piper himself were playing his song for us.

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