United States of America

The United States is our home. Which state is home?  We are not really sure. Bonnie has lived in thirteen different places across five states. Trinity immigrated when he was twenty-seven.

For us, the USA is a land of opportunity. It is where we both started with nothing yet through hard work and sacrifice we were able to overcome poverty. It is a place that gave us opportunities that lead us to our current nomadic freedom. It is not a perfect place, no country is, but it is filled with friends that I love and beautiful places. I am grateful for all it has given.

View from Angels Landing

Utah, A Week Of Bliss

I have a number of favorite places in the world.  All for different reasons.  Utah is one of them for its beauty and diversity of landscape.  It is simply amazing and I highly encourage all my friends to visit it. We spent a week in Utah with Uly, Xandra, and Gene.  This is the second time

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