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Free 5-week Financial Freedom Series

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, this series is for you.

  • Are you sick of being financially stressed?
  • Do you hate it when trouble becomes a disaster because you don’t have the money to fix the issue?
  • Do you long to improve your financial freedom?
  • Do you hate spreadsheets and numbers, but still want control of your finances?

What You Will Receive

One e-mail each week for five weeks. Each e-mail includes one article to read and one exercise. Free worksheets are available weekly. On week six we send a final summary with links to all the articles and exercises in case you missed any.

About the Content of this Series

I am not a financial advisor and I don’t provide investing tips on portfolio management. What I do provide is mindset tips and inspiration that will help you find more financial freedom in your finances.

In my 20s my finances were upside down and I couldn’t even heat our tiny little apartment during the cold winters in Pennsylvania. In our 40s my husband and I retired and now travel full-time. I didn’t inherit anything, win the lottery, or marry a sugar daddy, but I did change my mindset and the decisions I was making. That’s what I share in this series.

Your story will not be like my story, nor like the person next to you. We each have individual lives and circumstances, but we can learn from all of them.

Join the series above and let me help you find your blue door to freedom!

Find your blue door
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