Central America

We began our life of travel with a one-way ticket to Costa Rica in October of 2016. While waiting for a dental implant to set for Trin we explored Nicaragua for a few months then headed south.

If you are planning to visit Central America and have questions about any of the places we visited please feel free to drop us a line. We would love to help you out.

Information on these Central American countries can be found at the links below.

Nicaragua corn island
NICARAGUA: Sleep on the edge of a smoldering volcano, swim a canyon, or take a treacherous journey. All these are available in Nicaragua.
Beach in Bocus
PANAMA: Check out the best places to dive in Panama and what hosting a Cabalgata is like.
Tree frog on costa rica banner
COSTA RICA: Volcanoes, hot springs, towns with no cars, and much more. Check out Costa Rica on a budget.
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