Beach in Bocus

As budget backpackers, we heard that Panama would be expensive.  We planned to spend only two weeks in Panama, quickly see what we could, and then move on to Colombia.  We ended up spending over three months there.  It is a beautiful country with wonderful people.  Our average spend per day was $27.

As we prepared to cross the Sixaola border from Costa Rica into Panama our plan was to spend only two


Corn Island Nicaragua
October 4th, 2017 marks one year on the road for us! Before leaving the USA we researched and read many blogs
Uvita Costa Rica
I heard a scratching sound, close by.  I reached for my phone under my pillow.  It was 1AM.  The scratching continued


Coiba diving
I was 90 feet (27 meters) underwater and struggling to pull air in through my regulator.  I told myself to calm
Center of Boquete
BOQUETE, PANAMA The hooves of the horse under me made a rhythmic clop and pine needles shuffled below us.  Mist
Bocas del Toro. Star Beach
The pain in my ears was greater than any pressure I have ever felt on a flight.  My eyes seemed to be


This is a story blog.  Here are a few from Panama to give you a taste of the country.

Cabalgata in Panama
The day of Roger's cabalgata was blessed with beautiful sunshine. Over 85 horses clopped through the stable's pathway. There we Read more
Ducks on a pond
WARNING!  This post contains graphic content. I was sitting there quietly working on my book in the afternoon in my favorite spot Read more
David Panama hospital
I kept my eyes on the tile floor as I was wheeled toward the x-ray room.  I was in a Read more
It was early evening and we had just started heading out on the long driveway out of the property when across Read more

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