Valley of the moon in La Paz, city in the sky

South America

In case you are planning a trip to South America this little map may help you. Some of the pins on the map have a link to a blog post about that location, while others are just markers of places that we visited but do not have a written story.

There are many travel blogs with tips and tricks and how to get to each city or lists of activities like 100 things to do in Cusco. In companionship with the bloggers who detail the how our stories tell a little bit more about the why and what the experience is like.

If you are planning a trip to any of the places marked feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Click each image for a full list of articles by country.

From Iguazu to the colors of northern Argentina and the Patagonia region

Torotoro Bolivia
See what it was like for us to explore Bolivia and the largest Salt Flat in the world.

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park the Most beautiful place in the world
See if you agree with our pick for the most beautiful place in the world. We think we found it in Brazil

Did you know that you could catch fog in the driest desert in the world? See our Chile page for more.

Laguna in Peru
Peru is so much more than just Machu Picchu. Click here for more.

Guatape Colombia
The most beautiful place in Colombia might just take your breath away too. So much to see and do in Colombia and its transformation is amazing.

Sea Lion in Galapagos
Our articles cover great tours of the Galapagos and hiking on the mainland.

Plus, a bonus story about one of the locals who grew up on the streets and took the opportunity to change his life and give back to the world.

We also ventured below the tip of South America to the Antarctic region

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