When travel becomes a lifestyle and nomadic becomes synonymous with freedom. Slow travel as a way to see the world takes time, but very little money.

Ducks on a pond

Murder at the Finca

WARNING!  This post contains graphic content. I was sitting there quietly working on my book in the afternoon in my favorite spot when Vidal, the stableman, appeared on the sidewalk, Trin walking behind him. “There’s been a murder,” Trin said in such a dramatic tone that I almost expected to hear the Law and Order signature double

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Cost Rica has much to offer and beautiful places to see.  Even though it is more expensive than Nicaragua, we were still able to average a spend of only $32 a day for both of us combined.   This includes all of our living expenses except health insurance.   The map below shows the places that we

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Starving horse

Strays Of Nicaragua

The look of hope in her eyes broke my heart. Just a moment ago she lay there sleeping in the dust. A tan coat stretched over her hip bones and ribs. Ears twitched as she dreamt. I waited on the bench nearby till she opened her eyes. She looked around sadly till I moved toward

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